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First Semester: A Musical follows Alicia, an anxious overachiever whose fervor for scholastic excellence is undone by the rigors of the first semester of college. Between her plummeting grades, an ill-advised relationship, and her long-time friend taking collegiate excess to its extremes, Alicia must find a way to navigate her uncertain new reality. This musical is an exploration of identity, dating, friendship, girlhood, and mental health at one of the most vulnerable stages in one’s life.

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Workshop production photos courtesy of Felix Scheyer 

 "Why It’s Newsworthy: 'First Semester: A Musical' is the first student production, funded by an alumni grant, to earn a spot in the UGA Theatre department’s production season."

-Katie Harrill, Grady Newsource


The first workshop production of First Semester: A Musical took place at the University of Georgia, co-produced by the Thalian Blackfriars March 21-24, 2024, supported by the New Georgia Group Grant and the CURO Research Award.

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2x Recipient of the CURO Research Award

Recipient of the New Georgia Group Grant

Semifinalist for SheATL

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